China - The Land of 700 Million Opportunities

China is home to over 700 million Internet users, making it one of the biggest online economies in the world. What's more, Chinese consumers are spending money online. By 2014 they had spent almost 500 million dollars on online purchases. With it's millions upon millions of users, there is no better place to market your products than on China's e-commerce ready social media platforms. The Chinese economy may have slowed down slightly, but their online economy is going strong. Join us at the
CCTC to learn all you need to know about the Chinese market with additional attention paid to the burgeoning province of Henan, home to one of China's most successful port cities, Zhengzhou.

City of Zhengzhou, Henan

Located in central China and part of the largest province in the country, Henan, the city of Zhengzhou has grown to become the perfect import and export destination for businesses around the world. In addition to ideal its ideal geographic location, Zhengzhou has other distinctive features that make it one of the most desirable ports for your cross-border business:

Reliable Logistics

Zhengzhou is connected to all major cities across China through air and ground transportation. It is a major logistical settlement for UPS, FedEx, AirBridge Cargo, and over 40 other internationally renowned logistic companies. In Zhengzhou, one can find the most reliable and cost-effective logistic solution for in-China distribution.

Efficient Customs

Zhengzhou has been called the city of "e-commerce service". With that title comes a fully established customs clearing procedure that has been set up by the ports and the governing authorities and perfected over years of operation. This has allowed the timely clearing of products arriving in Henan, which has the capability to process over 5,000,000 packages a day. This efficient clearing process has been made known to many as "clearance in seconds."

Plentiful Resources

Zhengzhou is equipped with many e-commerce platforms, each covering a different product segment. Whether it is baby products, clothing, or food, there is a specialized e-commerce platform dedicated to that specific product mix. 

International Market

Zhengzhou is a rising international market with many companies from the US, Korea, Canada, and many other countries settling down with brick and mortar stores. They help shape the local demand for foreign products, which are easily imported into China through the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone.