Discuss educational concepts together with educational pioneers at home and abroad. From the perspectives of enrollment, management, digital marketing, cultural differences, etc., and share the experience of education and entrepreneurship; a number of listed education companies will also share their secrets of success, helping you to become more sophisticated in the business operations of education.




Zhang Yongqi

Chairman of Shark Group Education Technology Co. Ltd., founder of Global IELTS Listed Education Group (Nasdaq code:GEDU)

Since 2001, he has been the president of the Global IELTS Chain School. Since 2006, he has raised $30 million through Softbank Safran and established Global World Education Technology Group as CEO. Zhang is the leader of China’s training and education who has led 450 chain schools and 5,000 faculties and staffs for 15 years of experience in operating education institutions. He won the title of “The China’s Most Charming Principal” in 2010.



Canada Horizon International Education Inc.

As an educational cooperation registered in British Columbia, Canada, the company is authorized by BC Education Department and the Federal Education Department to build Canadian High School overbroad. It is committed to international education and cultural exchange activities, imports of Canadian advanced educational resources into China, exports Chinese talent into internationally renowned institutions. Currently, overbroad high schools expend all around the world, with 38 schools in China. Over years of hard work, the company has established a good relationship with the Ministry of Education of British Columbia; gained respect and reputation in the field. Canada Horizon International Education Inc will fully support the conference with the matched value regarding Education.

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Dr. Donald Wehrung

Paragon Testing Enterprises

Paragon Testing Enterprises is a private subsidiary of The University of British Columbia (UBC) that was incorporated in 2009 to commercialize the University’s English language proficiency tests. Paragon develops, delivers, and licenses in partnership with other organizations English proficiency tests including the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP), the Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment, ad the Language Proficiency Index (LPI).


Zixu Think Tank

Zixu Think Tank connects upstream and downstream chains of global infant and children education industry. Zixu has established six core services. Industry training, strategic consulting, brand integrated marketing, investment + FA, industry summit, and industry Researching report. It will help businesses to increase market efficiency, generate operating excitement, discover and train potential unicorn enterprises. While providing truly outstanding children products, contents, and services for children and families.

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EIC Education

EIC Education is the largest provider of overseas educational counseling services in China. It owns 16% of the market share of the overseas educational counseling market. It is also the fifth largest provider of test preparation services in China, with a market share of 6%. It provides services under the “EIC” brand, which is the most recognized and trusted brand in the overseas educational service market in China. It offers a wide range of educational services in China as well as in destination markets for our students, most of whom are from the PRC. Our private educational services consist the following services, including advice and support on studying abroad, test preparation for admissions exams, assessments in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada, as well as study tour programmes to assist our students (and their parents) in making more informed decisions about studying abroad.t to edit your poster at right side editor.


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KidzCan Global Education Inc

KidzCan Global Education Inc is an innovative team of education professionals based in British Columbia, Canada. They have packaged a top-ranking Canadian Kindergarten curriculum with a robust teacher training program and Kindergarten accreditation in order to share Canada’s early childhood education excellence with partners around the world.