The Business of Influence in China

In China, Social Media Influence is Big Business

Paying influencers isn’t anything new. Celebrities in the west can earn thousands of dollars for a single tweet. In China, this is also true. But what’s different is the way “influence buying” is done. In China, there are several emerging e-commerce platforms that allow businesses to buy social media action from influencers. The way it works is simple: influencers with a high enough following join an influence buying platform and businesses can buy social media action from them.

“I’m sure that more than a few of us feel a bit gross when we see a celebrity tweet that was clearly bought and paid for,” says Kevin Li, Project Manager at Richway Tech. “But in China, people don’t have the same emotional reaction. In fact, if a business is willing to pay an influencer to promote their product, people see it as solidifying that influencer’s celebrity status.”

Weiboyi is one of the largest “influence buying” platforms in China. The CEO of Weboyi is coming to Vancouver, Canada to speak at The Canada China Trade Conference. The CCTC is taking place on August 23rd of this year at the Vancouver Convention Centre with talks starting at 9:00AM. The event presents an opportunity for Canadian businesses to network with Chinese e-commerce companies as well as learn digital marketing strategies from the people who built China’s Internet from the ground up. Tickets start at $300.