The Chinese Art of Convenience

“Heike” stores are like a 7-11, post office, bank, and online shop rolled into one

SF Express, one of China’s largest shipping companies, has created a new kind of store, the “Heike”. At a Heike store, patrons can pay their bills, buy a drink, order something online and even send a parcel themselves. The Heiki store embodies a growing Chinese trend towards a more convenient lifestyle. In Chinese cities, you would be hard pressed to go more than a block without coming across a convenience store. Beyond that, China has the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world, projected to be worth over $1 trillion by the year 2020.

“After living in Taiwan and China for several years, I can say for sure that convenience is very important to the people there,” says Ryan Cordoni, Marketing Manager at Richway Tech. “When I got back to Canada, it took me a while to adjust to the fact that there wasn’t a 7-11 on every corner.” SF Express is one of several strong Chinese companies that is positioning itself for international business after significant success at a local level.

SF Express VP of E-Commerce, Richard Li, is one of the masterminds behind the Heike stores. He is coming to Vancouver, Canada to speak at The Canada China Trade Conference. The CCTC is taking place on August 23rd of this year at the Vancouver Convention Centre with talks starting at 9:00AM. The event presents an opportunity for Canadian businesses to network with Chinese e-commerce companies as well as learn digital marketing strategies from the people who built China’s Internet from the ground up. Tickets start at $300.