Chinese E-Commerce Giant JD.Com Making Moves Into North America

The 28 Billion-Dollar E-Commerce Platform Dominates China and Refuses to Stop There, one of the largest online e-commerce platforms in China, is making moves to expand westward. The company had a record year in 2015, with revenues of $28 billion USD. Now the company has made a partnership with DHL in an effort to secure a logistics network. In addition, the company is now investing in western companies like “Wish”, a San Francisco based shopping app. These moves represent a growing trend: Chinese investment in western business.

“ is one of a number of e-commerce power-houses coming out of China,” says Ryan Cordoni, Marketing Manager at Richway Tech. “The fact that it’s making moves into the western market shows how confident they are. It’s going to be interesting to see how Chinese companies do in the west over the next few years, especially since so many western companies have failed in China.” is one of several Chinese e-commerce giants attending the upcoming Canada China Trade Conference in Vancouver, Canada. The CCTC is taking place on August 23rd of this year at the Vancouver Convention Centre with talks starting at 9:00AM. The event presents an opportunity for Canadian businesses to network with Chinese e-commerce companies as well as learn digital marketing strategies from the people who built China’s Internet from the ground up. Tickets start at $300.