China's Business Elite Have Their Own Social Network

Zhenghe Island is China’s “LinkedIn for Billionaires” (Zhenghe Island) is a social network that’s being called the LinkedIn for Chinese Billionaires. It costs $5,000 a year and requires that members be the founder, CEO, or president of a company with annual revenue of at least $8 million., was founded in 2011 by Chinese entrepreneur Donghua Liu, and already has more than 2000 heavyweight members from the elite business community including Alibaba founder Jack Ma and Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi.

“Even though the Zhenghe Island network is closed to outsiders, the opportunity to meet a guy like Donghua Liu is huge,” says Kevin Li, Project Manager at Richway Tech. “We really wanted to get him as a speaker because he typifies the kind of well connected Chinese rich guy we want to expose Canadian businesses to.” Donghua Liu will be speaking about his successes and failures on his way towards creating the Zhenghe Island network.

The CEO of Zhenghe Island, Donghua Liu, is coming to Vancouver, Canada to speak at The Canada China Trade Conference. The CCTC is taking place on August 23rd of this year at the Vancouver Convention Centre with talks starting at 9:00AM. The event presents an opportunity for Canadian businesses to network with Chinese e-commerce companies as well as learn digital marketing strategies from the people who built China’s Internet from the ground up. Tickets start at $300.