The Billion-Dollar Travel Company You've Never Heard Of

China’s “C-Trip” is Another Reason to Watch the Chinese Digital Space


China’s premier travel company, C-Trip, made over $1 billion revenue last year on travel packages and services sold in the Chinese market. In fact, 70% of C-Trip’s sales came from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. By comparison, Expedia made almost $6 billion in the entire world (including China). C-Trip is dominating the Chinese market. Their strongest competition is Chinese rival eLong, a company that Expedia had a majority stake in until recently.

“When you look at companies like Expedia, you’re really looking at dozens of companies that have been acquired and molded into one giant firm,” says Ryan Cordoni, Marketing Manager at Richway Tech. “C-Trip is pretty inspirational because they’ve built a significant business from the ground up.” C-Trip is also expanding into the western market, even acquiring foreign businesses along the way.

C-Trip is one of several Chinese e-commerce companies coming to Vancouver, Canada to speak at The Canada China Trade Conference. The CCTC is taking place on August 23rd of this year at the Vancouver Convention Centre with talks starting at 9:00AM. The event presents an opportunity for Canadian businesses to network with Chinese e-commerce companies as well as learn digital marketing strategies from the people who built China’s Internet from the ground up. Tickets start at $300.